What Students Say...

A Few Reviews

Soumiya P. - Caryn is an amazing, positive and kind person. She has a passion for teaching music. She works well with children as she inspires them to thrive and be confident. Her great teaching techniques helped my daughter improve her singing skills in a short period of time. I was amazed by the results. I am so grateful to have found her! A great and talented professional! Thank you Caryn!

Abrihana R. - She’s an amazing teacher I’ve only been training my voice with her for a month and my voice has grown tremendously. Along with that she knows how to keep her students motivated to keep on going. Overall amazing experience so far.

Whitney L. - Working with Caryn has been an absolute great experience. I have been a vocalist for many years and feel that with Caryn my voice has strengthened so much already in a span of 4 months. Her approach is all about bringing out your best voice possible while building confidence. I am absolutely pleased and grateful to have found her and am glad to have her with me as I continue my musical journey. 

Megan A. - Caryn is a great vocal coach for many reasons. She's talented, professional, very experienced, very genuine and brings an amazing energy. She really cares about her students and I look foward to working with her in the future!

Remy B. - I decided to try voice lessons with Caryn in order to improve my public speaking. The results are just amazing ! Not only that she is very friendly and competent, but I saw my voice skills improving so fast ! I recommend her for any particular voice training

Jasmine M. - Caryn gave me some fun direction and ideas for my performance. I have a show coming up and it feels great to know that Caryn is working with me to make it the best ever.  I am excited for our next session!!!! 

Chuck L. - I've always wanted to sing in public but was told by my family it would be too painful for the audience.  Needless to say, I never took the step, not even to try Karaoke.  After four lessons, I am confident I will hold my own when I sing in public.  In addition to being competent, Caryn is sensitive and makes the lessons interesting, entertaining and well worth the cost.  I highly recommend her as a singing coach.  No matter what your age, your singing will be much better and you will be more confident.  Give her a try, you will not be disappointed.

Crystal A. - This first visit for adult voice lessons was amazing.  Caryn is kind, patient, and was very quick to determine what we needed to work on.  I am extremely hopeful and optimistic about what we can accomplish.

Lee J. - Lessons were for our 17 year old granddaughter and the first session was extremely well done. She had never had lessons before. There was immediate improvement in the hour we were there. We signed her up for more lessons immediately.  We highly recommend using Caryn.

Nick S. - Excellent vocal coach. Thorough, and enchanting.

Ling Q. - Although there are lots of words which can be used, we think "inspirational" might be one of the best to describe Caryn.  Within six weeks of our daughter’s starting voice lessons under Caryn’s tutelage, she went from being too shy to sing in public, too organizing likeminded classmates into a music club and regaling her teachers and playmates with Over the Rainbow, Puff the Magic Dragon and various Bruno Mars pieces!  She learned the rules of her club right from Caryn, sing loud and proud and if you make a mistake keep going! One of life’s blessing is when our travels let us meet people who are naturally fun, energetic, inspirational and supportive.  But finding someone with all those qualities and who’s also blessed with a sultry and powerful voice (listen to her “Peace of my Heart”), that’s as amazing as Caryn Rae Robin!!!!  We and our aspiring 8 year old singer are so lucky to have her in our lives!!!!

Hillary A. - After just four lessons with Caryn I have made so much progress! She is so encouraging and motivating and her energy is amazing. I would highly recommend studying with her.

Natalia P. - Caryn is the most professional teacher I had, she knows how to tap into my talent and my strong points that I was not even aware of. She makes the lessons fun and challenging at the same time. That's what you need to actually progress and see the great improvements in just 3-4 lessons. I will definitely will be coming back. 

Krystal B.- ​I came to Caryn to improve my tone and explore my range for personal reasons and working with her has been an enlightening experience thus far.  She is extremely talented and an incredible teacher. I have learned so much from her and have improved tremendously in such a short period of time. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to pursue a professional music career or simply just for personal reasons like myself!

Nikki C. - Two words:  "Wow" and "Amazing!"  I was in need of some vocal training for my daughter to help with her rapping, phrasing and speaking...I got more than I could've ever bargained for...I have a superstar singer in the making.  The growth that I've seen in my daughter in just 3 short weeks (3 hours) is remarkable.  Her confidence is growing daily...which has translated in the studio. I couldn't be more pleased.   I highly recommend Caryn @ Vox 1 Power.  She is an excellent instructor with great, positive energy. Both of my daughters now attend.

Matthew C. - Caryn is exactly the instructor I was looking for. Each lesson is approached with a friendly and fun attitude.  She offers a nice balance of technique and practical singing advice without getting bogged down in academics.  I found that I could put her teachings to use immediately.

Julia C. - Caryn is an exceptional mentor and a beautiful person, absolutely wonderful to work with! Her love for music and her students is a great inspiration and motivation. She has and continues to help me tremendously to achieve what I have dreamed of for many years- to be able to achieve professional vocal skills. In only a few lessons' time, she has taught me to be able to transform the quality of the sound my voice produces and inspired me through her teachings to continue to work hard on pursuing my musical dream. Thank you, Caryn, and I look forward to our next lesson! 

Wendy R. - Caryn is a wonderful singing coach and offers private lessons in her inviting home.  She currently works with my 11 year old daughter who is seeing some steady improvement in her singing.  Caryn is an experienced professional and carries with her a wonderful positive and joyful energy. She is a delight!

Michelle M. - She is wonderful. My voice improved tremendously in the short amount of time that I worked with her. I plan to continue to work with here when I come back in the summer. Would recommend Mrs. Caryn to anyone at whatever level of experience!

Jamie S. - Caryn is amazing. I've had 7 lessons this far and really enjoy them. She has such great energy and such enthusiasm for music & teaching. A wonderful vocal coach- I was very lucky to find her. I would most certainly recommend her weather or not you are interested in lessons for fun or as a professional, Caryn is def your best bet! 

Star S. - Caryn is amazing to work with. So friendly, and always pleasant. She zones in on where you need improvement and focuses on that area. I've definitely seen a big improvement in my breathing and vocal range. I absolutely love her.

Mary Y. - I am very pleased with Caryn's style: first the warm up is unique, powerful and energetic.  This is followed by specific vocal exercises geared towards strengthening those areas I had concern with and by clear and comprehensive explanations.